National Christmas Tree Speech – A Response

The Recovering Legalist

Dear Friends, I don’t want to burst any bubbles or shatter any Christmas ornaments, but Christmas, at least the meaning of Christmas, might not be what you think it is. At least I know this, it is not what the President of the United States’ speech at the 2013 lighting of the National Christmas Tree made it out to be.

Why do I make such a bold and controversial statement?  I say it because the message of Christmas is too important to have pluralists, universalists, and atheists redefine it – even if they occupy the White House.

The U.S. National Christmas Tree shines bright...

Below is an excerpt from President Obama’s December 6th speech at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. Please read it, then my comments.

Each Christmas, we celebrate the birth of a child who came into the world with only a stable’s roof to shelter Him.  But through a life of humility and…

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