The TeaParty, TedCruz, and #NelsonMandela



Isms and schisms are prisons for the mind …

The Tea Party, that lauded symbol of intellect and common sense, have been on a rampage criticizing Nelson Mandela as a communist and even eating one of their own, Ted Cruz, in the process for having paid tribute to Mr. Mandela on his Facebook page. I doubt if half of these dimwitted yahoos could even tell you what a communist is and I’m sure even fewer can make a connection between what the needs of an oppressed people are and some reference to an economic system.

Communism, capitalism, more isms and schisms that mean nothing to people locked out of their country’s political and economic systems. Tell that to a man who is relegated to just working in a field or diamond mine and not being properly paid for his labor all because his skin is black. Tell that to a…

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